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are watching "newsline" for 11:00 a.m. japan time. japan has announced new orders on food produced in fukushima prefecture where the troubled nuclear power plant is located. naoto kan said not to consume some vegetables in fukushima. radiation were detected high in some samples. the government is instructing the public not to consume spinach, cabbage, broccoli and some other vegetables produced in fukushima for the time being. readings were given for leaf vegetables produced in the prefecture. the health ministry says radioactive siusium was detected. i ordered a halt to shipments of radish produced in fukushima as well as raw milk and parsley in the neighboring prefecture ibaraki. this follows measures suspending shipment of vegetables . here to tell us more about the latest instructions on vegetables and the possible affects on the human body is hideki. >> the prime minister announced he's suspending the shipment and intake of vegetables s suspected to be contaminated with radiation. what is your reaction? >> vegetables are not contaminated have been found one after another. if people are
japan. we'll have answers for you here tonight. >>> the struggle of those rebels in libya to now get the upper hand as nbc's richard engel lives through a close call on the ground. >>> making a difference. with a combination of medical expertise and a higher power. >>> and a screen gem is gone. some say the last of the true movie stars. tonight we'll remember elizabeth taylor. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we're still in the middle of an air assault on libya. really the third front the u.s. is fighting on these days. it was launched by president obama to protect civilians, he said, because gadhafi's forces were bearing down on the rebels' head quarter city of benghazi. but all those cruise missiles and bombs still haven't stopped the ground fighting. the rebels were under heavy fire today about 100 miles to the south of benghazi. and as you're about to see, our own chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, was with them and got about as close as you'd ever want to. richard is back safely in benghazi tonight and is with us
. those stories and much more coming up after the break. >>pam: new details in japan, the japanese government says the radiation in tokyo's tap water and out exceeds the safe level for consumption by children. that is caused a rush on bottled water. the japanese capital is far. the food and drug administration says, a japanese food from other sections of the country will be screened before being elected to the united states. more smoke is rising from the damaged reactor is causing a new evacuation of workers were trying to restart the plant's cooling pumps. the operator of the plant said there was no apparent new release of radiation. the company did released pictures of the control room, with lights turned on for the first time since the earthquake and tsunami. the earthquake in tsunami are turning out to be the most expensive disaster in history. if the death toll is now nearing 10,000, with another 16,000 missing. if the japanese-government estimates the damage at more than $300 billion. toyota said today it will delay the launch of its pre as hybrid minivan due to disruptions i
lab, we know whether radiation from japan is in the rain falling right now across the bay area. cheryl hurd joins us from berkeley with the test results. cheryl. >> reporter: raj, nuclear engineers at uc berkeley are leading the way when it comes to research on radiation from japan, and tonight they say the test results are in. rain here in the bay area is raising concerns. some people worry japan's nuclear disaster will mean radiation levels here will raise to unhealthy levels. >> i have a feeling it will increase, but hopefully it's not too dangerous. >> reporter: measurements are in progress right now in a lab at uc berkeley's campus. >> as of last wednesday we star started to collect air samples. as of friday and saturday we collected rain. >> reporter: an around of clock analysis shows a definite increase in water and air. >> we should not be concerned. the amount of radiation from japan is extremely install and shouldn't cause any problem or concern for us and our health. >> buddy says the testing is important because it helps nuclear engineers understand radiation, and it helps
that again. >> after nine days of uncertainty, a baltimore man teaching in japan is home. he shares his story next. >> chris brown just cannot seem to keep his temper in check. the latest bit of trouble that he now finds himself in his next. >> we see some rain moving into the area. it will be here for a while. temperatures will get chillier. the wind has turned to the east. >> lawrence taylor got six years' probation after pleading guilty of having sex with an underage prostitutes. he will be required to register as a sex offender. it appears chris brown's temper has gotten him into legal trouble again. the singer could be charged after allegedly trashing a good morning america dressing room following his appearance this morning. he was questioned about his assault on his ex-girlfriend and fellow pop star rihanna. >> and other lesser earthquake shook northeastern panted a point there are no new reports -- another lesser earthquake shook northeast japan today. there are no reports of new damage. after the death toll from the earthquake and the tsunami, it denied it stands at 9000 with another
with some breaking news out of tokyo, japan. that city of about 7 million people has a new concern about radiation right now. >> and it's flowing out of every tap. new tests on tokyo's water have found it to be two-times above the limit for radioactive iodine considered safe for infants. parents are now being told to keep it away from youngsters. but the level of iodine is said to pose no immediate health risk to adults. >> also this morning, broccoli was added to an expanding list of tainted vegetables grown in that area around japan's crippled nuclear plant. the fda has already halted all imports from that region. we'll have more about that coming up. >>> meanwhile today, even more breaking news. there is word of an evacuation of workers from one of those crippled reactors at the fukushima nuclear plant. that evacuation came amidst some black smoke from the reactor. all six of the reactors have been reconnected, now, to power lines. but it still could weeks or months before the lines could power the facility's all-important cooling systems. >>> now, to libya, where moammar gadhafi's cl
news out of tokyo, japan. that city of about 7 million people has a new concern about radiation right now. >> and it's flowing out of every tap. new tests on tokyo's water have found it to be two times above the limit for radioactive iodine considered safe for infants. parents are now being told to keep it away from youngsters. but the level of iodine is said to pose no immediate health risk to adults. >> and broccoli was added to the list of vegetables taken from around the nuclear plant. the fda has halted all imports from that region. we'll have more coming up. >>> meanwhile, there is word of evacuation of the workers from the fukushima nuclear plant. that evacuation came amid come black smoke from the reactor. it could still be weeks or months before power lines could power the cooling systems. >>> now, to libya, where moammar gadhafi's closest advisers are said to be plotting his exit strategy. >> but the libyan leader did not seem to be going anywhere, when he showed up on tv for the first time in days. >> emily schmidt has details on the late-night appearance. she is live for u
in mortar attacks in recent days. there is still radiation coming off of japan's fukushima power plant, but no one knows why. steam and smoke also continue to rise from the damaged reactor. no news today on whether efforts to cool the reactor and moving forward. japase authorities have begun teing r radiation inhe seawater near the plant. meanwhile, the world health organization says the radiation levels measured in local produce are more serious than previously thought. >> were presumed in reactor 3 after a day -- a day after the smoke forced officials to suspend operations. it is now believed the smoke is from burning debris. >> it is difficult to get inside the burning reactor. we are analyzing the procedures and measuring the level of reactivity -- radioactivity to determine the cause of the smoke. >> engineers say power was restored to all six of the plant's reactors on tuesday. that is a key step to restart in the cooling systems and bringing temperatures down in the reactors. meanwhile, fear of contaminated food and plummeting sales is spreading in tokyo. deliveries of milk and
. tom, investors took a break to process all of the continuing problems in japan and the middle east. >> tom: susie, all three of the major averages ended modestly down, and trading volume was the lowest of the year. >> susie: so, what's next for the u.s. stock market? suzanne pratt got some answers. >> reporter: on wall street, they're calling it the "teflon market". throw at stocks an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis in japan, not to mention a war in libya, yet the dow is above 12,000. nyse broker ted weisberg is surprised by the market's resiliency. but says he finds the recent volatility very troubling. >> the volatility, to me, simply says that there's no confidence. yes, the market's had a dramatic move off the lows, but for the most part, this move has not be accompanied by a lot of volume on the upside of the swing. >> reporter: still, the question is whether stocks can maintain their non-stick status? experts say that will depend on the quality of corporate profits. we'll get that news starting in about three weeks. according to thomson reuters, which tracks earnings
to improve u.s. relations with south america. >>> the nuclear crisis in japan is raising more fears this morning. owners of the crippled plant said gray smoke is coming from the third unit. it has been leaking since the massive earthquake it is now said that japan's tap water is not safe for infants. the u.s. is just announced it is banning food imports from the infected regions of japan. >>> there are report that it is u.s. is considering evacuating military service members on stationed in japan. sailors have been given potasz ium pills. >>> a new poll shows that d.c. voters give he and kwame brown low marks. kimberly? >> this is a poll, toppant lifts break it down this way. mayor gray is off to a rocky start. proposal at 31%. a poll before the primary, gray posted a fafrability rating of 60%. 54% say he is not living up to a high standard of ethics, and 46% say he is not providing strong leadership. he gets strong marks for improving education and keeping in touch with citizens. as for council chairman kwame brown, his disapproval ratings, 43%. ratings for both men are lower than
? and we would encourage that. >>> japan's nuclear crisis took another scary turn today. tap water in tokyo, a city of 13 million, is contaminated with radioactive debris. levels are twice now the amount considered safe for babies. officials also increased restrictions on food today. 11 types of vegetables tested positive for radioactivity. >>> hong kong today banned food imports from five regions of japan. the government says japanese tu turnips and spinach contained as much as ten times the accepted levels of radiation. black smoke poured from reactor number 3 at the fukushima nuclear plant. that happened today. authorities evacuated workers but say that the radiation levels have not speiked today. two workers were injured while working with an electrical panel, and despite constant setbacks, crews say they're making some progress. >> it has settled down quite a lot compared to the beginning, and we could even begin to see a bright hope that maybe it would somehow work out in a little bit. we are constantly switching over all the time since the work cannot be stopped. >>> here's your chan
. >>> and back from the disaster zone. military families returning to the bay area after evacuationing japan. we are there for their homecoming. >>> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologis fjeff ranieri. the storm picking up a lot of speed right noog movg in a little bit quicker her with some heavier h rain headed towas los gatos in the next half hour. heis e, with this storm offshore, we're not only talking about one but two storms in two days. i'll have full details coming up. >>> well, it's a happy homecoming. hundreds of american military families are back in the bay area today, leaving japan and the devastation behind. nbc's christie smith reports from travis air force base, where they touched down. >> reporter: the end of a 10 1/2 hour flight was a huge relief for 340 passengers arriving from japan. >> but the air force made us feel right at home. we really did appreciate it. >> reporter: mary trayer is in the navy, on leave with her baby born just days before a 9.0 earthquake rocked japan. but it was the ongoing nuclear crisis that made her pack up. >> i decided to leave because of the v
andrews, cbs news, washington. >>> now to japan. the united states became the first nation to block the import of dairy products and produce from the areas surrounding the crippled nuclear power plant. japanese foods make up less than 4% of all u.s. imports. and it is unclear how much of that comes from the fukushima area. the fda says it expects no radiation risk to the u.s. food supply. >>> officials in tokyo say infants should not be given tap water. radioactive iodine in tokyo's tap water is twice the recommended limit for infants. and another earthquake hit northern japan this morning. workers at one of the fukushima reactors had to be pulled out because of a radiation spike. the japanese government says the cost of the earthquake and tsunami could reach $309 billion. charlie d'agata has more. >> reporter: electricity has been restored to the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant, but workers have to check all the equipment for damage before switching on the cooling systems. that process could take days or even weeks. and, there's the continued concern of radiation leaks. >> th
with congestive heart failure. jamie costello abc2 news. >>> to our continuing coverage of japan. there have been several setbacks at the country's nuclear power plant. all this while the drinking water in tokyo has been deemed unsafe for infants. tests of the tap water show radiation at two times the limit of what's safe. the water department warned that infants especially should not drink that public water. the government is asking residents not to hoard the bottled water. >> the big risk here is to nursing women, pregnant women and the infants. so if you're using it in adults where the risk is much lower you're going to run out. you don't want to mix up formula with this water. you don't want nursing women to have this water. >> to the nuclear crisis more smoke poured out of the nuclear plant and work at the number the reactor has been stopped. fda is blocking all martin luther king, jr. products fruits and vegetables coming into the u. s. from japan not even sending them through the radiation screening process. >>> a christian church in japan is pitching in to help a member of the grace ba
that happened last week in japan. and our hearts go out to the millions of people in japan affected by this disaster. however, a bit of good news in all of this is that schools throughout our district are collecting donations for the japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. one elementary school coordinated a potluck, a concert and an auction and ralph and were able to raise $22,000 for the japan relief fund. they deserve a round of applause. on behalf of the superintendent and the board of education, we are extremely proud of our schools and students for showing us how to be good global citizens in offering a hand of comfort to our brothers and sisters across the pacific. thank you very much. president mendoza: thank you very much deputy superintendent. our next item is item c, recognition of the resolution of accommodations and throw it back to you. >> at this point in time, i would like to call susan righter, who will present the rave distinct issued service award to a member of our community. >> i'm pleased to be here this evening on behalf of principal kevin kerr and he
happened recently in japan, has there been any other recent analysis, areas of weakness that we may not have thought of, that could have unintended environmental consequences? for example, the nuclear breakout in japan. they were well prepared, in comparison to other countries. i am thinking, in light of what has happened in japan -- >> that is a great question. every two years, we update our hazard mitigation plan, where we do exactly what you're asking, we tried to think ahead. we tried to think about lifelines, utilities, bridges, transit systems, things that might be vulnerable during a disaster that we ought to think about ahead of time. we update that every two years. certainly, we are monitoring events closely in japan to see what can be done to improve, and what lessons we can take for our own city. supervisor chu: thank you. why don't we open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we send this item forward with recommendations? without objection. thank you. back to item
are hearing from the family of a virginia teacher killed in the disaster in japan. anderson won was originally from the richmond area. she is the coast north american victim of the march 11 quake and tsunami -- she is the first no known american victim. she was teaching at a city 240 miles north of tokyo. she survived and helped to evacuate her students, but then disappeared when the tsunami struck. >>> about it an hour ago, the owner of japan's crippled nuclear power plant reported more smoke at one of the damaged units. there was a quake this morning and they had connected a power line to all six of the units yesterday. a lot of work still needs to be done before that is turned can. >>> president obama promises closer cooperation with central american nations. he announced a $200 million partnership with all salvador to conmbat a drop-ofug war. >>> the fda's ban imports of some goods from japan because of. british and of >> with that and the latest on japanese car makers, linda bell is joining us at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. radiation concerns trigger
. >>> in japan now, a disturbing new discovery overnight. it could be a sign that the nuclear crisis there may be getting worse. >> i'm ali velshi, cnn exclusive. president obama defends america's role in libya and talks about whether he deserved that nobel peace prize. >>> research in motion is going to try to take down the ipad with its own tablet pc. let's get started, "american morning" begins right now. >>> all right. good morning. it is wednesday. >> yesterday we thought we were making some progress in japan. with heard they had restored power to a couple of the reactors, and again this morning. news has taken a turn for the worse. >> black smoke is rising from one of the reactors at daiichi's power plant and dangerous levels of radiation have been discovered in the tap water in tokyo. levels in the tap water there are double the legal limit for infants to drink. tokyo is 150 miles from the crippled daiichi power station. the likely source, of course, of this contamination. residents are being warned not to allow babies to drink tap water. and there are radiation issues with the food in
they're there. >> and in japan, tsunami ghost town. a study that was -- city that was once home to 10,000 abandoned by rescuers. i'll talk to one of the few people left behind. this is a special live edition of "piers morgan tonight" in new york. good evening. more and more extraordinary videos are emerging from libya today. most of them shocking in their graphic violence. they show how desperate the battle for the country has become. take a look at this. [ crowd noise ] [ gunfire ] >> cnn can't independently confirm where and when these videos were shot. our best information is that this one shows street fighting in tripoli and benghazi in recent days. as you can see, the fighting escalates from gunshots to hand-to-hand combat. we also have this very disturbing video which appears to show the bodies of an entire family killed in misurata. it was uploaded to youtube earlier today. tonight we're covering breaking news all over the globe. live reports from the very best of cnn's correspondents from the middle east to japan. >>> we begin with the crisis in libya. and two leaders head to
and japan. new smoke today rising over reactors two and three. exact reasons unknown. radiation continues to leak, though exactly where from officials aren't sure. the spent fuel pool in reactor two has been a major problem with water boiling. they've been able to bring the temperature down. power lines to all six reactors have been reconnected. also, the fallout, the u.s. fda slapping a ban on importing produce and dairy products from any of the four prefectures nearest the reactors. and workers at the crippled nuclear plant are speaking out. >>> late new reports of coalition air strikes in the overnight hours near misurata. we're just getting this information in. details in a moment. also, secretary of state hillary clinton, moammar gadhafi, both speaking out tonight. what he's saying marches to the beat of a drummer only he seems to hear. what she's saying, if true, is a potential game changer. here she is on abc news. >> are you indicating somebody close to him reaching out saying how does he get out? >> this is what we hear from so many sources. >> today? >> today, yesterday, the day
is closed, the harbor reopened to boat traffic for the first time sense the japan -- sirchs -- since the japan quake and tsunami. a sonar survey found it is clear of sunken boats and debris. it cost an estimated -- it caused an estimated $26 million in damage to the harbor. >>> there are a lot of anxious family and friends waiting at sfo after there was a threat to search a flight. the flight from the fell means touched down at -- philippines touched down at 7:30. it was taken to a remote area and all passengers and crew were evacuated. police say the plane was not threatened directly, but philippine airlines asked them to search the aircraft. passengers were not sure what was going on, and one told his relative there was some kind of medical emergency. >> i am worried. i want him to get home. he is probably tired and hungry at this point. >> san francisco police dogs are searching the plane and passengers are working through customs and amoung them are the lead singer of "journey." >>> to libya where new air strikes rocked tripolli. take a look. this night vision shows a u.s. jet la
, to the latest in japan. japanese officials have issued the first warning about tap watter in tokyo. parents in tokyo are being ops told not to give their babies tap water because there's two times the recommended limit of iodine. that layses the -- that raises the risk of thyroid cancer. >>> also in japan they've been able to restore power at one of the damaged reactors at a nuclear power plant. the utility company says it plans to test-run a cooling pump at the number 3 reactor today. it's the first reactor to have electricity restored since the earthquake and tsunami cut off power to the plant. since then, workers have been scrambling to try to keep the reactors and spent fuel rod containers cool by spraying them with sea water. but radiation has still been leaking. >> the u.s. has become the first country to block food imports from japan's radiation zone because of contamination fears. the fda has halted the import of milk, vegetable and fruits, produced in the area near the damaged nuclear plant. japanese food imports make up less than 4% of all u.s. food imports. >>> ktvu.com has more
japan amid ft the nuclear crisis. >>> and losing his cool. sier chris brown snaps after questions about his assault on sier chris brown snaps after questions about his assault on former girlfriend rihanna. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>>hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry today, we begin with power struggle. a fourth day of allied strikes have damaged moammar gadhafi's air defense systems, but so far, the attacks have failed to cripple gadhafi's confidence or put an end to his assaults. air fire streaked the skies last night over tripoli after a day of heavy fighting. despite some success in the south, the inexperienced rebels found themselves outgunned by government forces in the western city of misrata. gadhafi spoke on tv yesterday and a defiant gadhafi predicted, quote, we will win this battle. meanwhile, president obama has cut short his tour of latin america amid criticism of his leadership of the attack on libya. the president says he has, quote, absolutely no doubt that a success vl transfer of power to coalition powers will take place in a matter of days. t
and more troubling radiation tests results trigg triggering a run on bottled water japan. wrench? wrench. basic. preferred. at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my money. my choice. my meineke. >>> monitoring some of the other top stories in the "situation room," including developments, deadly unrest in syria, what's going on? >> witnesses say syrian security forces open fire on antigovernment protester killing 15 of them. syrian troops deny that. today, the president fired the governor of the province where pro testifies have been taking place for several days now. a man accused of trying to bomb a martin luther king pray in spoke cane is being arraigned in federal government. he's being charged with attempting of using a withen of mass destruction. the bomb was covered around the parade route on mlk day and disabled. the organization that monitors the groups said he visited white supremacist hate groups. >>> and it's been a year since president obama signed health care reform bill into law. 37% of americans support
for more wet weather. >>> more survivors of japan's earthquake and tsunami arrived in the bay area. >> complete bay area news at 7:00 starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is tuesday, march 22. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> a new report finds hundreds of bay area bridges and overpasses overdue for repair. should drivers be worried and what are the roadblocks preventing a fix? jana katsuyama is live tonight. >> reporter: this was on the bad bridges list and stimulus money is helping fund repair but there are still 787 bridges that have been deemed structurally deficient, so more than 80 years old. having traffic -- heavy traffic takes a toll and now bridges are under scrutiny. >> this is one of the worst bridges. >> reporter: we met up with shannon tracy from transportation for america which released a study based on federal bridge inspection data. >> in the nine county bay area, 20% of our bridges are structurally deficient. so that is greatly higher than the national average of 11.5%. >> reporter: san francisco ranked a
.../ japan.../// a.../ virginia.../ woman .../ ii...//// ááfoundáá.../ ddad...// dead...// she.../ was.../ in... japan.../ teaching...//. ááthisáá.../ is... a picture.../ of.../ 24.../ -year-old.../ taylor.../ anderson.../ with.../ a.../ student....///// áásheáá.../ could... be.../ the... first.../ known .../ american.../ victim.../ of.../ japan's/...// earthquake...// "just made this her dream of going over and being a teacher." she.../ had... been teaching .../ in japan.../ for... 3 years power's.../// been... restored.../ to... the ttoubled .../ nuclear power.../ plant.../// //.ááplantáá.../ operators...// hope.../ to... restore.../// the.../ pumps...// ááthatáá.../ cool it...// down...///áábutáá... this.../ will... take.../ weeks...// or.../ months.../ to.../ do....///// ááradiationáá...// has... been detected.../ in ... the.../ ocean.../ ááexpertsáá... say.../ th
tavis: good evening from los angeles. i'm tavis smiley. as the nation of japan continues to recover from the deadly earthquake, tsunami and nuclear scare, there is a realization that the death toll could have been far greater. so first up a conversation about the situation in japan with acclaimed architect hitoshi abe. he now heads the department of architecture and urban design here in ucla. also eve ensler is here from the "vagina mon loges." she is soaping city of joy. we're glad you can join hitoshi abe and eve ensler coming up. >> all i need his name is james and he needs extra help with his reading. >> i'm james. >> yes. >> everyone making a difference -- >> thank you. >> you help us all live better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. >> thank you. >> hitoshi abe serveses a chair of the ucla urban design and architecture. he's doing the work with brad pitt make it right foundation in the lower ninth ward in new orleans. great to have you on this program. >> thank you. tavis: i know you're the eighth
of tripoli. welcome to "bbc news." babita sharma. as the emergency teams in japan -- for the restrictions are announced in the areas affected by radiation leaks. libyan leader colonel gaddafi has made his first public appearance. speaking in the capital of tripoli he told his supporters he will not be defeated. he says his enemies will be consigned to the dustbin of history. it came against a backdrop of whose in charge of the international military operation appeare. >> another define performance. this is the first time we have seen him since the u.n.- authorized attacks on his country. in an address that was apparently live in tripoli on tuesday, his message was unrepentant. >> gerat libyan people you are living too glorious hours. all of the people are with us. we will have a revolution against imperialism. i am not afraid of the planes that cause destruction. i am defined. my home is here. i am here, i am here, i am here. >> even as he was speaking these words, on american television came the suggestion that perhaps the regime is trying to explore its options internationally. >> i am
within the nato alliance about the libya mission. >> brown: from japan, we get the latest on the cleanup in the hard-hit city of sendai. >> it might not seem much to you, but believe me it's a huge step that you now can actually drive up at the airport's departure terminal. >> ifill: and judy woodruff interviews japan's ambassador to the u.s., ichiro fujisaki. >> brown: special correspondent steve sapienza reports from bangladesh on the struggle to meet the basic needs of an exploding population. >> dahka is one of the world's fastest growing cities and one of the poorest. with 2,000 newcomers daily the struggle to find clean water in the slums often has life threatening consequences. >> ifill: and ray suarez examines what a merger between at&t and t-mobile would mean for consumers and the wireless industry. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> oil companies have changed my country. >> oil companies can make a difference. >> we have the chance to build the economy. >> create jobs, keep people healthy and improve schools. >> a
-examination continues here tomorrow. rita williams, ktvu news. >>> now to the crisis in japan. tonight the food and drug administration has halted the imports of food products grown and produced near the area of the fukushima plant. as for fish and other products, the fda says it will screen those for radiation and if they are deemed safe they can be sold to the public. japanese food make less than 4% of all u.s. food imports. >>> scientists at uc berkeley and the epa say they are seeing trace amounts of radio active isotopes from the japanese nuclear incident here and in the bay area. researchers at uc berkeley believe the isotopes will decline in the next few days. >>> operators of the fukushima made progress today but also suffered set backs. tomorrow they hope to restart the cooling systems to the damaged reactors providing the pumps were not damaged by the tsunami. workers stopped working on the electrical system to pour water on the fuel rods. >>> executives of the tokyo electric power company went to shelters today and apologized to people for the nuclear plant leak. >>> and farther away from the
: now to japan. a u.n. expert says radiation continues to leak from those damaged nuclear reactors but progress is being made. all six reactors are now hooked up to power lines-- a step toward getting the cooling systems working once the electricity is turned on. the number of workers at the plant is now up to a thousand. meanwhile, the official death toll from the earthquake and tsunami is approaching 10,000 with nearly 14,000 missing. more than a quarter million survivors have no homes or have been forced to leave them. from japan tonight, here's lucy craft. >> reporter: cardboard houses, now home for thousands living on the floor of a sports arena outside tokyo. all survived the tsunami and quake only to be caught up in a radiation scare. this fifth grader says "we escaped to my school but when they said even that was not safe, we came here." natives of iwaki like to boast about its postcard scenery and mild climate. the now notorious fukushima nuclear plant only 30 miles away has triggered a mass exodus. "from all sides everyone kept telling us get out of here" says this beauti
't pose any risk. the u.s. is banning some food imports from the affected regions in japan. they are concerning evacuating service mens in japan. sailors have been given potaszium pills as precaution, and also the pills were provided to their families on the base. >>> the death toll reached 9300. officials have been forced to hold mass burials. the permission of the families are required. the japanese believe that cremation releases the person's spirit. >>> gray's proposal rating is just 31%. 40% disapprove. 29% say they don't have an opinion. the main issues was his leadership, ethics and inability to appoint the right people. negative feelings for kwame brown, 27% approval rating with a 43% disapproval rating. brown came underfire for leasing two suvs, costing taxpayers nearly $4,000 a month. >>> coming up on 5:0 six right now, police are trying to figure out if two unsolved murders are connected. the deadly shootings happened within days of each other in olney. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: this is an unlikely place for murders to happen. they don't have a high murd
to the crisis in japan. tonight the food and drug administration has halted the imports of food products grown and produced near the area of the fukushima plant. as for fish and other products, the fda says it will screen those for radiation and if they are deemed safe they can be sold to the public. japanese food make less than 4% of all u.s. food imports. >>> scientists at uc berkeley and the epa say they are seeing trace amounts of radio active isotopes from the japanese nuclear incident here and in the bay area. researchers at uc berkeley believe the isotopes will decline in the next few days. >>> operators of the fukushima made progress today but also suffered set backs. tomorrow they hope to restart the cooling systems to the damaged reactors providing the pumps were not damaged by the tsunami. workers stopped working on the electrical system to pour water on the fuel rods. >>> executives of the tokyo electric power company went to shelters today and apologized to people for the nuclear plant leak. >>> and farther away from the nuclear complex, radiation levels dropped significant today.
and fresh produce from areas that are close to the nuclear power plant in japan. chief executive lloyd blankfein maybe up in the hot seat. prosecutors do not have to face questions about goldman's involvement in any pending investigations. as for trading, intel bit lower. we have slightly lower day aesterday -- as for a trading little bit lower. if you did something stupid and posted on facebook and twitter, there is a new app that leads your posts. -- that the leave your post. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> that is funny. i understand you have a tip about a hot job. >> and it unique qualification. if you know somebody who sounds like a duck when they talk, tell them to watch my next report. a company may want to hire them. >> you better not say me. thank you, jane. 40 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we'll get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> just because of the elegies. maryland runs into sugar. we'll show you why. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of a plan al
the program to us. >> sure. >>> signs of progress in japan, the big steps taken as workers struggle to save a crippled nuclear power plant. >>> plus rumors running rampant about another big earthquake, this one much closer to home, separating fact from fiction. >>> but first new competition for the ipad. neil cavuto has your business report. >> more businesses in the u.s. getting slammed from this disaster in japan. delta airlines is cutting back its nights to devastated country l dell -- flights to the devastated country dell take saying it's cutting revenue up to $400 million more violence back east pushing oil back up to 104 bucks a barrel. to wall street the dow down 17 points, meantime shoppers hitting stores last week, retail sales up 3% compared to the same period last year. some improving weather helping to improve those numbers and consumers clearly loving the bargains, dollar general's profits more han doubling last quarter, the town the -- than doubling last quarter, and research in motion trying to take a bite out of the apple ipad. the playbook price tag starts at around $499,
lot of breaking news this morning. now want to go to japan right now. there are reports that tokeo's tap water is now contaminated with radiation from the damaged plant at fukushima. these are four of the six reactors and there's a question today about reactor number three. this was a reactor that at times had emitted that white smoke that could be the steam that carries those radioactive particles up into the air. this, however, is not white steam. it turns out that it's black smoke, which could indicate another fire of sorts as the water level continues to be an issue, keeping these nuclear rods cool. david piper is on that live from osaka. hello david. >> reporter: yes, bill, that smoke is still pouring from that reactor, the authorities had to evacuate the fire crews that had been cooling down those reactors which are in danger of overheating. they do say, though, there hasn't been any spike in radiation at the plant since the smoke started rising. there's also a scare in tokyo, radioactive iodine in the water in the japanese water is twice at safety levels for infants. parents
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